Longquan celadon began in the Northern Song Dynasty and flourished in the Southern Song Dynasty. In 960 ad, Longquan celadon began to be fired. In the late Northern Song Dynasty, Longquan became an important base of celadon production in the southern China. In the Southern Song Dynasty, from 1127 to 1279 a.d., Longquan celadon entered its heyday. It successfully produced celadon like "plum green glaze" and "bean green glaze", which became the representative of Longquan celadon style.


On September 30, 2009, the traditional firing technique of Longquan celadon was officially listed as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. This is the first and only ceramic project in China to be selected. In recent decades, Longquan celadon art has been well inherited and developed under the care of all walks of life at home and abroad. A large number of skilled craftsmen have emerged. Masters and professors have gathered in Longquan to create. They have absorbed nutrients from history and culture, inspired inspiration in modern civilization, and persevered. Traditional and advancing with the times, Longquan celadon shines in the new historical period and has made leapfrog progress, which is highly praised by the ceramics and art circles.


In order to pay respect to celadon artists, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, and provide ceramic lovers with an opportunity to learn, appreciate, collect Longquan celadon and feel the excellent traditional craftsmanship, we hold the Craftsman Creations 一一 Exhibition of Selected Longquan Celadon. Showing people the creative wisdom and aesthetic exploration and pursuit of Longquan celadon artists through this event.


The exhibition collects 80 works of 14 celadon artists, including Mao Songlin, Jin Dengxing, Xia Houwen, Chen Songxian, Mao Zhengcong, Xu Chaoxing, Chen Liehan, Hu Zhaoxiong, Chen Tangen, Xu Dingchang, Ye Xiaochun, Zhu Kaipei, Wu Zhixing and Liao Jianjun. All of the 14 celadon artists have rich practical experience in celadon art creation. They have profound knowledge, exquisite skills, excellent artistic accomplishment and innovative expression techniques.


We will present the excellent works of 14 celadon artists, and believe that they can bring enjoyment of beauty to ceramic lovers.



Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum

January 18, 2021

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