Rogue Potter Members

Fred Yerich
 I believe humanity is here to explore, observe, and then interpret. Through the sharing of these experiences we find commonality and build community. 
My method of communication is clay. This can range from a bowl for ice cream to a five foot monolithic doorway. 
The only limit is ones ability to imagine

Mary-Lydia Andersen

Angie Pitzer

I firmly believe, to the best of our ability, we should surround ourselves with things that make us happy every day!  Useful things do not only need to be useful, but can and should bring us great joy as well. Humble, functional pottery brings beauty and happiness to the everyday sustaining objects of life that modern assemblage frequently leaves behind.  I find utter joy in the making of my work, the using of it, and the supportive communal group in which I have found to make it. 

Randal Anderson

Mark Johnson

Darah Lundberg

Jenn Brandel

Jenn is a Bay Area artist and architect with practices pursuant of social engagement, healing space, sculptural making, mapping and ceramic work that is thematically exposing the human/nature relationship. Her work is grounded in place, time, observation and direct experience. 
Through A Living Library, a non-profit that focuses on ecological learning landscapes, she also instructs young people in eco-art gardening in San Francisco.